Friday, June 23, 2006

What a SKATE June 23

What a picture perfect night when we the seven rolled out. Six regular FNS skaters and one (skating) newbie Andrew Love speedskater/website designer joined us with his enthusiastic and infectious bravado check out his site to see his story and pictures of the skate he is a talented writer and photographer. Kim and Eric back from the Napa Marathon it was great to hear about their adventures especially the SF FNS scary darkness descending the mighty Presidio.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

FRIDAY NIGHT SKATES...well kids we did the Grandaddy of all Friday Night Skates this past weekend! Yepper, 10 fast-paced miles of rolling hill bliss thru the streets of San Francisco...whew! the hills were hairy, the streets chuck full o' holes, fast movin' cars, and slow moving bums, and what we thought (er, rather hoped to be) to be ocean water.... despite the pitch black, and a few decents into the unknown we made it back safely, but covered with a silty black dust from the rails of Broadway tunnel.

About 150 crazy skaters came out, along with founder Dave Miles Jr., who skated the whole way with his boom box strapped into a jog-buggy. We were jammin' to retro-techno-disco-funk tunes all through the city....doing the groove thing!

Our humble lil' SLC street skate seems shadowed by the stellar magnitude of the SF FNS...but hey, like us they started with a few crazy skaters and whola! Today, 13 + years later, it is still a huge and continuing success, though our streets are far cleaner with no hills by any comparrision to those in SF......"the road goes on forever and the skating never ends".