Sunday, June 24, 2007

Longest Summers Night

Hot night for seven skaters and gimpy me on my single head out of Liberty into the oven. Andrew and Dr Jess set the pace for skaters Kim and Eric BOTH Steves and regular Kevin. Andrew intent on creating a best places to skate video for his blog got a lot of "Speed Racer" shots of everybody.

Zen and the Art of Speedskating world famous blog is a gift Andrew has created for the loyal skater tribe. I hope he can sustain the grueling blogging training blogging training cycle his writing and photos and now increasing videos are very entertaining.

Where is the night skate? As it seemed the sunlight never really went away it is the perfect once a year long slow fade to dark. The Utah Art Fest provided some funky music to sashay past their darn barriers. We speed racers ripped to the Love home for tasty frozen treats on the spacious front porch.

Thanks for the photo montage by Andrew Love.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No skate Friday....race and fun roll Saturday!!!!

Check out the race series starting Saturday at Liberty Park. Should be a fun event sign up NOW.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

the ROAD goes on forever and the skating never ends....

Friday, June 1, 2007:
Friday Night Report: The new route seems to be a success with skaters, but please wear the skid lids people, this is street skating. The new route skips 200 South altogether, and continues northbound on 200 West to 100 north, with a quick hill dip under the venue formerly known as the Delta Center (or whatever they are calling it these days). The West High driving course proves to be a nice place to work on figure 8's and cross-overs. It's hit n' miss with the Old Hardware Bld'g parking lot, seems some joy riders laid enough rubber to warrant dropping a barrier of RR ties down through the middle of what once was a speed skaters sanctuary. Plan to add in the parking garage for fun and adventure next week, nothing beats 8 floors of carving bliss!! ...well, maybe a conga line of 14 skaters on the library that's entertainment folks!

Until Friday, Keep them Wheels a Rollin'!