Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wanker Wets Weekly

Sturdy FNS skater Kevin and I headed North from Liberty Park on a beautiful warm night. Kevin suggested a new simple and less crowded route. Eight hundred South Westbound to 600 West, Northbound along an inconsistent bike lane on a quiet and small street. Then East on 200 South one block back to Northbound 500 West back on the old route. Crossing the train tracks on 500 West wasn't too bad almost as smooth as the Trax tracks.

Rolling up to a stop light at West Temple we jumped to the sidewalk leaving room for a carriage. I noticed a weaving male figure watering a newspaper vending box. Guess you have an issue with the City Weekly I said. He mumbled F***ing weekly as he continued to proudly empty his huge bladder. I am sure glad he wasn't driving he might have bumped over us with his anger at the Weekly.

We ended up at the bakery with no interest in sweets we had soup and a sandwich it was a beautiful cool night.

Next Friday we will hear of Kim & Eric's adventure at the St Paul Inline Marathon. They had some awesome times Eric 1:22:52.9 Kim 2:07:13.7.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Tour de Utah Night

We rolled out of Liberty Park me on my Canndondale with Eric, Jon, and Steve. Wimping out from a crash this week it was very different biking the route with clipless pedals constantly starting and stopping, clipping in and out, it was a real challenge of coordination. Although I think it was my first FNS without falling down.

We hit the tour course hearing marshals whistles at 200 South and 400 West. Get off the course Jamie there are bikes coming! WOW amazing lean cycling machines zipping bye in the final stage to the finish after a week of long climbs throughout Northern Utah the sidewalks filled with Outdoor retailers and wholesalers cheering the riders on. Jon's red National Skate Patrol t-shirt made it easy to find our little group moving through the crowd. No ramp adventures the guys passed since it was a small group and getting my bike into the elevator wouldn't be much fun. We finished early but it was a lovely night.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Eight skaters enjoyed a lazy night and cookies at The Bakery. Kims new camera and photo montage skills bring us the perfect combination. Ahh who needs the derby girls when you have cookies and GREAT friends who CAN skate! Join us next week!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Next Skate August 4th

Looks like Jamie,Kim and Eric should be there how about you. Should be lots cooler thank the skate gods!