Friday, June 27, 2008

WHAT's ART got to do with SKATING?

Fri night skate Roller library Luge will be pre-empted tonight due to the SLC ARts Festival. But don't let that stop your wheels from rolling. Bring along a bit of extra cashola, and we'll skip the bakery and tour the Arts festival!! Every year we roll on thru to check out the music scene, eats, & drinks.

See you skating!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Fun times sweeping thru town these past few weekends. Bits of grit along 800 south, tar snakes on 2oo west, it's a jungle out there.... otherwise fair rollin'. Train station proved smooth as ever with no interruptions of the security kind ;) Rolled through the Chalk Art exhibit last week- very cool!

Skating the empty ice rink at Gallivan set security in motion, maybe the guy just needed to stretch his legs. As people started to gather in to watch us, we were forced to move along... Gosh, to think we were in a skating rink and we were gonna be asked to leave!!! in the words of Charlie Brown:"Argh!!" Our mistake, we actually thought the rink was for the words of Homer: "duh-ope!"

Join us for more SLC around town fun, adventure, and sweets at the Bakery next weekend.

Until then keep your wheels rolling smoothly folks!

Friday, June 06, 2008


Q: did I hear snow in the forecast for next week, only in Utah! :)
Well, maybe we oughta get out our ice skates?

Reminder for Fri Nite skaters to keep an eye on the weather: RAIN or SNOW = NO Fri Nite Skating.

Keep on skating!